PVC-U – a sustainable material

Sustainable Building Materials

PVC-U building components are widely recognised as a truly sustainable option, thanks to advances and investment in recycling. When old PVC-U windows are removed from buildings they can now be recycled and fabricated into new finished products – up to ten times – with no detriment to the physical properties of the PVC-U. Combine this with the average 35-year lifespan of a PVC-U window (source: BRE), and PVC-U offers a sustainable building material option spanning hundreds of years of re-use with minimal impact on the environment.

In fact, PVC-U windows have now achieved the highest rating possible in the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Green Guide to Specification (June 2008), receiving an ‘A’ rating for residential buildings and an ‘A+’ rating for commercial projects.

Environmental policy sets tough targets

Our environmental policy commits us to ongoing improvements that will help to reduce carbon emissions from transport and energy use, improve energy efficiency within our business and offer more energy-efficient products to our customers, as well as helping our customers reduce waste material and promoting recycling throughout our operations.

Merritt Plastics is the UKs leading recycling partner for the PVC-U industry

We can help your business improve its environmental performance and reduce its carbon footprint.

Major investment in our centrally located recycling plant has significantly increased capacity, keeping more PVC-U waste out of landfill. We are a BRE Exemplar projects partner, contributing to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 (zero carbon) developments with Gentoo.

Our environmental management systems have achieved the widely recognised ISO14001 accreditation and we produce advanced, thermally efficient components made from 100% recycled PVC-U.


Our Recovinyl membership assures you that you’ll be working with an honest, independently audited and quality-assured recycling partner. This demonstrates our commitment to the ethical, long term recycling of UPVC profiles and is an assurance to your business that we are the UK’s leading long term post consumer PVC-U window recycling partner to trust.

UPVC recycling eliminates manufacturing waste

Our post-consumer PVC-U recycling facilities enable us to create an endless ‘closed loop’ of recycling and re-use for windows and doors. In fact, our PVC-U Thermal Inserts and Cavalok cavity closer systems are manufactured entirely from recycled post-consumer PVC-U, while Eurocell’s Ecologik profile system has a high recycled content, produced from waste collected by Merritts.

Closed Loop Recycling

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