08 May 2014

Recycled materials industry on the rise, says EU

upvc recycling expoRecycled materials industry on the rise, says EU Recycled materials are the fastest growing eco industry in Europe, according to Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment.


Mr Potočnik praised European-wide efforts to lead the world in environmental standards but singled out the market for recycled materials, which is growing at a rate of 18%.


Merritt Plastics is one such manufacturer of recycled materials, offering a closed-loop system that turns recycled PVC-U into brand new extruded plastic products.


“Our industries and services have applied their creativity and their innovation to helping us achieve the objectives that are set out in European legislation to protect our environment and health,” he explained.


Mr Potočnik also revealed that the turnover of eco industries within the EU is now “hundreds of billions of Euro” – equivalent to between 2 and 3% of its overall GDP.