22 October 2014

UK recycling is doing better than expected on hitting targets

global plastics recyclingA new study on the UK recycling industry suggests that it progress is “better than expected” in terms of hitting Government targets.


The study by WRAP and Valpak was commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). Initial findings suggest that around 2.3 million tonnes of plastic was produced in 2013, less than than DEFRA’s estimate of 2.5 million tonnes.


While the report covers only plastics packaging, it highlights that nationwide initiatives are paying off and contributing to the growth in plastics recycling.


“This work aims to improve market transparency and information on plastic recycling in the UK by working collectively with industry,” explained Claire Shrewsbury of WRAP.


“We aim to finalise and publish the report as soon as we can. Any impact these draft findings have is something for Defra to consider together with the devolved administrations.”