7 October 2013

Industry feedback confirms desire for EU-wide investment in plastics recycling

investment in recyclingAn EU consultation has urged member nations to stop funding landfill for plastic waste and divert the money into upgrading recycling infrastructures.


A preview of respondents’ views from the European Commission’s recent public consultation on the Green Paper on Plastic Waste was unveiled by Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik in a speech highlighting the need for efforts to make the use of resources more efficient and to develop a circular economy utilising closed-loop recycling systems.


The Green Paper looks exclusively at plastic waste and drew feedback from industries and governments alike. According to Potočnik’s speech, a large majority is requesting improvements to legislation and better implementation, including a landfill ban on plastics.


While the thrust of the report concerns consumer waste, the consultation confirmed strong support for improved plastic design to increase recyclability, and tackling ‘planned obsolescence’ in products – aspects that apply to all forms of plastics.